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The Bible says in Isaiah 61:11 For just as the ground produces its crops
and a garden yields its produce,
so the sovereign Lord will cause deliverance to grow,
and give his people reason to praise him in the sight of all the nations.
Just as a plant needs water to grow we need the word of God to move forward in this wicked world .It is difficult for a plant to grow if some processes were not respected at the beginning.
The plant starts off as a seed and then slowly develops into a. The embryo turns into the plant. For a few days, the embryo lives off the food supply in the seed.
After a period of time, the embryo turns into a seedling, and grows roots. The seed most rotten completely .Most plants need water and sunlight to grow.
On land, plants also need oxygen and carbon dioxide. In order for plants to grow, they must send out seeds so that when the old plants die, new ones will be ready and growing. If a plant is to grow, it needs to be in the right climate zone. It needs the right temperature and the right amount of rainfall. Plants may adapt to a slow change in climate if they need to.
Let examine the key words in this process:
1.The old plant die ,new ones will be ready and growing
2. If a plant is to grow, it needs to be in the right climate zone.
Beloveth the cycle of a plant is similar the life of a christian .Expect you died to self you can not see the glory of God.
Many chtristian are not at the right place ,you supposed to be a lawyer but you are teaching in primary school ,or you suppose to be a pastor preaching and winning soul but wasting your time in an office we need to know our location to receive our allocation .your positioning on life will determine your destiny in life.
Jonas 1:
And the word of the Lord came to Jonah, the son of Amittai, saying,
Up! go to Nineveh, that great town, and let your voice come to it; for their evil-doing has come up before me.
And Jonah got up to go in flight to Tar shish, away from the Lord; and he went down to Joppa, and saw there a ship going to Tar shish: you all know the story of what happen to Jonah because he disobey the Lord he end up in boat going to another direction he almost lost his life and his action affected the destiny of the passengers in that boat. sometimes in life our destiny is attached to others person life. are you in your boat or in another person boat ?
So how can you arise and go forth :
First you must be born again undergo the new birth experience . Bible is clear :except a man be born of water and fire he cannot see the Kingdom of God.
God is not a man that He should lie for His promises must surely come to pass in your life ;no matter what you pass through in life ;remember that joys always come in the morning ;just say to yourself “rejoice not over me o mine enemies when I fall I will rise again when I sit in darkness my God shall be a light unto me” we are the light of this world that is why we must arise and shine don’t mind your situation ;even if in your family lineage nobody has ever reach a certain level ,believe me your light will shine in your family , those who despised you in the past shall seek your favour: you will be like a plant planted by the river side that never lack water and grow in all season!
You must believe in the resurrection power of our Lord Jesus Christ, that will bring back to life all the dead organs in your body, all the dead situations ,your buried destiny will resurrect today when reading this end time message ,the power of fathers house that vow not to let go will be destroy today ,surely the blood of Jesus will erase the scars of your past and re -write the story of your life in the name of Jesus. Also you must take a step by identifying yourself in a living church to receive daily spiritual food that will sustain you .

others steps to take to arise and move forward
You must learn to pray prayers of decree : your Assyrians shall consult their powers in their confusion, in the name of Jesus. The Holy Ghost fire, will arise and stir up civil war in the camp of your enemies. Remember you are no more an ordinary man when you become born again you are a fire vomiter,a Holy Ghost carrier , you can command to this mountain to move and it will move; Understand the POWER OF TONGUES ,build your faith by praying in tongues , divinely inspired tongues is the only language that the devil don’t understand the devil will not understand a sick tongues full of sins ,abominations ,lies, cheating, flattery please watch what you say as a believer if you want to be at the mountain top .Be a prayer addict , a prayer eagle Christian, Eagle is the only bird that flies in the direction of the sun it never stay in the valley.
Valley Christian remain in the valley they are never focused .
Jesus loves you brother,Jesus loves you sister


By Evangelist Alliance Formbor Ogbuwa Kalu Ijekpa

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